Strings & Fingers GUITARISTS’ WORKSHOP provides an alternative to private lessons with small group workshops. Ten weekly workshops provide a terrific opportunity for beginning, intermediate and advanced guitarists to increase their knowledge and technical skills by studying in an interactive setting with 2-3 other like-minded musicians. An excellent way to learn, these popular small group workshops are based on learning song repertoire from particular styles of guitar playing and focus on developing solid technique, ear training and listening skills, good timing and understanding music theory.

Here is a list of upcoming "Small Group" workshops at Strings & Fingers GUITARISTS’ WORKSHOP.

Beginning Guitar: A Small Group Workshop For Adults
(Beginner Level)
The “Beginning Guitar” workshop is an excellent way to get started. You’ll be amazed with the results achieved with this simple 10-week system. We’ll cover the basic principles of guitar playing for beginners as you learn how to pick out a simple melody, strum the chords to your favorite songs, develop proper playing habits and understand the basics of music theory. Bring along your acoustic guitar and join 2-3 other adult beginners like yourself. You’ll be glad you did!

Jazz, Latin and Blues: Chord Accompaniment Concepts
(Intermediate to Advanced Level)
With a focus on chord vocabulary and standard songs repertoire the “Jazz, Latin and Blues” workshop will have you moving up the neck in no time. Swing guitar, rhythm playing, fingerstyle, Latin jazz and blues comping are a few of the topics covered in this enjoyable 10-week excursion designed to get you out of the first position and into the “forbidden zone”.

Bluegrass Guitar Skills: Flatpicking Technique
(Beginner to Intermediate Level)
Calling all rhythm guitar players… come join us as we flat pick our way through a few standard fiddle tunes and learn how to play them in time and with style. The "Bluegrass Guitar Skills" workshop covers the fundamentals of flat-picking over 10 weekly sessions and will help you develop the experience you need to take the lead.

Guitar Techniques I: Flatpicking Workshop
(Beginner to Intermediate Level)
An ideal course for the beginner and intermediate alike, covering all the basic habits needed to play well. With an emphasis on chording and strumming you will learn how to play songs from a variety of popular music styles. Country, bluegrass, pop and rock accompaniment techniques will be demonstrated and explained in an easy to understand way. Bring along an acoustic guitar and join us.

Guitar Techniques II: Fingerpicking Workshop
(Beginner to Intermediate Level)
Leave the guitar picks at home and discover how easy it is to play fingerstyle. Bring along your acoustic guitar and join us as we look at the fundamentals of fingerpicking technique from simple pattern playing to solo-style and explore a variety of popular musical styles. You’ll take your playing to the next level, learn a few new chords and find out how to put it all together in your favorite songs.

I also offer Guitar Techniques I and II as larger group workshop through the Continuing Education Department of Durham College. These courses are held at the Oshawa Campus and normally have 10-15 participants. See “Contact Info” to inquire about upcoming dates and course fees.

If you would like more information regarding these and other upcoming small group workshops at Strings & Fingers GUITARISTS’ WORKSHOP please contact:

Larry Chown

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