Do you have a guitar that seems unusually difficult to play?

Haven’t had your guitar serviced in a while?

Strings & Fingers GUITARISTS’ WORKSHOP provides expert guitar setup and repair at reasonable rates. Contact today to drop off your instrument for restringing and a professional set-up.

With over 30 years experience working on guitars, I am available for professional guitar set-ups and repairs six days a week. All the work is handled on site with same day service available for small jobs at no extra charge.

For the uninitiated, guitar set-up is the process of completing all the necessary adjustments to an instrument in order to maximize playability and tone. These adjustments include checking the neck truss rod tension, the playing action height, replacing and/or making fine adjustments to fingerboard nuts and bridge saddles, cleaning and conditioning the fret board, adjusting pickups and setting the intonation.

Repair services also include such things as installing aftermarket electric and acoustic pickups, replacing or rewiring electronic components and the maintenance and repair of frets and machine heads.

From simple re-stringing and tuning of guitars and other stringed instruments to fretwork and electronics, Guitar Repair Technician is another hat I wear proudly at Strings & Fingers GUITARISTS’ WORKSHOP.

Quality Service at Reasonable Rates…
Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Larry Chown

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